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Private Label

Private Label and White Label Manufacturer
Since 1989, we have focused on the art of producing natural knitwear for global prestigious brands and boutiques.

Halifaks one of Turkey's leading knitwear manufacturer, as one of the private label and white label knitwear wholesalers, retailers and wholesalers worldwide to offer fully proven solution to offer high-quality knitwear and jersey products.

What is Private Label (PL)?
In particular, they are products that retailers produce or have them produced on their behalf and sold under the retailer's own brand name or private brand names. The retailer manages all of the product development and marketing processes of its Private Label itself.

Private Label Advantages?
There are 3 important advantages of owning private brands for retailers. 
•    Reducing product cost.
•    Creating customer trust and loyalty.
•    Providing flexibility in product pricing.
It is extremely advantageous for consumers as well as for Private Label brands. Thanks to Private Label, consumers can buy products with the same quality as the products of the well-known brand at much more affordable prices.


First, what are their similarities?
•    White label and private label products created by a third party manufacturer/producer
•    You can control your marketing and advertising campaigns completely
•    You can re-brand the products with any name you want.
•    Manufacturers do not own the trademarks of the products you purchase.

What are the differences?
•    Private label products: Private labelling allows retailers to customize products; This means that you can sell products that look different from your buyers (even if the manufacturer diversifies your product to another seller).
•    White-labelled products: White labelling means the products are already produced, even before a deal with the manufacturer, so the only customization option you can have is with packaging.

Key Services
•    Sample work and Production-
•    Domestic production and Natural Fiber Wool, Cotton and Cashmere Yarns
•    Collection work and R&D
•    Social media and E-commerce support
•    Product Marketing and Advertising Support

Halifaks Triko offers a scalable solution that produces both large and small orders in its factory in Istanbul.

With high quality and fast production factories based in Turkey with a special white label service production and serve domestic and foreign customers.

Some of the yarns we use in our wholesale men's and women's knitwear collection are as follows: merino wool, cashmere, cotton, lambswool.

If you want to make Turkey the private label knitwear production or make wholesale purchases please contact us for more information.

For more information or if you would like to request a copy of the company profile, please contact us.

Contact us via +905375622570 or info@halifaks.com.tr e-mail.

Summary of our services
•    Design, Yarn Supply and Sample Study
•    Private label and white label service from 1989
•    In-house design and sampling
•    Shima Seiki APEX3 virtual sampling
•    Yarn supplied from the best Turkish, Italian and South American factories.

•    Intarsia, jacquards, thin and thick knitwear
•    Single and Double Jersey
•    Digital printing and Embroidery
•    Sourcing and distribution
•    Market-leading turnaround times
•    The supply of raw materials from Turkey, Europe and India

Pure Yarns, Fabrics and Blends
•    Ultra-Thin, Extra Fine and Chunky Merino Wool
•    Lamb wool
•    Italian Wool
•    Cashmere, cotton cashmere and cashmere wool blends 
•    Cotton and cotton wool blend
•    Linen
•    Viscose
•    Other commercial mixtures

Wholesale and Custom and White Label Production
•    Men
•    Ladies
•    Child

Other services
•    E-commerce
•    Inventory management and real-time production
•    Distribution, storage and fulfilment services
•    Garment reprocessing